How to take care of yourself when the weather changes to prevent illness.

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How to take care of yourself when the weather changes to prevent illness.

An article suggesting tips and tricks for taking care of yourself at UFABET. simple health care but difficult to practice During this turbulent weather, it will cold, rainy and hot, alternately switching back and forth. until the body can’t take it How should I take care of myself?

Prepare necessary equipment to deal with inclement weather.

How does the inclement weather cause illness? Many people already know. Because life has gone through rain, cold, and hot. Therefore, we know very well what equipment or equipment should be prepared to deal with, for example:
1. Rain gear, dew-resistant, can be an umbrella, a raincoat, and a small, large plastic bag can be used.

– Sleeping bags, besides blankets Should have a sleeping bag that is used for a tent. because it will protect against cold weather much better than a blanket sleeping bags are much cheaper Not much more expensive than a blanket. Cold weather like this period (26-29 Jan. 2016), which this year is considered very cold and cold in our country. Even a cheap sleeping bag is comfortable to handle. Anyone who has elderly people in some would like to recommend buying and looking for them to use. Because it’s better than blankets, duvets
– good winter clothes as well. Dare to invest in a good shirt. The price is high but can be used for a lifetime if not cured first. When the building is wearing clothes to protect from the cold, about 8 of them still can’t handle it. After suggesting the selection of suitable sweaters to use This time I can only wear 2-3 of them.
– Neck scarf is an organ that is prone to illness easily. Therefore, scarves are necessary. Will help protect yourself.
– Hat can be a yarn.

In the winter equipment section The author pays attention to choosing good winter gear. as used Easily cope with below 0 degrees, which Thai people, especially the elderly, the elderly, we should educate about this. Introducing the features that winter gear has. in order to be able to use it correctly To help reduce illness that may occur when the weather is inclement like this.

Prepare your own generic medicine

For personal or home generic medicines There is nothing much such as antipyretics, pain relievers, etc. Taking medicine as soon as you start to feel sick and getting enough rest will help prevent severe or chronic illness that will follow.

Notice the change in the weather.

Keeping an eye on the changing weather will help us know how to prepare ourselves This will help prevent illness and be prepared to deal with it in time.

Notice the changes in your body.

When the weather changes, hot, rainy, cold, rainy, hot alternately, sickness will begin to occur. Observing and hurrying to take care of yourself early It will help prevent illness, such as when the weather changes. Onset of sore throat Or turn on the fan, wake up late at night and have a sore throat. It will help the body heal itself faster. But many people get sick because they don’t care. I think it will disappear by itself

exercise regularly

Exercise can be done in many ways. But when it comes to exercise Most people think of space-based running, swimming, cycling, etc., but in a narrow space. You can exercise in many ways, such as jumping rope, push-ups, aerobics, dancing, etc. When you have an illness. Exercise will help your body get stronger faster.

Behavior at the onset of illness

Symptoms of inclement weather tend to show the initial symptoms first. So we can always protect. In order not to be seriously ill or chronic, such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, having a fever for several days, etc. If the body begins to show abnormalities Must hurry up and take care of yourself immediately.

Taking care of yourself when you get sick or even sick It will help you recover faster, such as wearing warm clothes and exercising if you are sick for several days. feverishly After taking the medicine in a row, it still hasn’t recovered. Forced to get up and exercise to sweat some. It will help you recover faster.

When you’re sick, don’t try to take medicine, take only medicine, but try to let your body heal itself. with exercise Even if you are sick, you can do it. Don’t just lie down Because the more you sleep, the worse it gets. Forcing the body to do this. will disappear faster

Meditation exercises reduce distraction stop stress It helps a lot too. because the body does not have to repair other organs much Able to mobilize to fully take care of only the problem areas.

Don’t leave your own health to anyone.

For those who have families, parents, spouses, children, or people who think they can depend on them. Many people will not take care of themselves. Especially old people, old people who tend to think that, well, they will die soon. Will die, let it die. Therefore often do not take care of themselves. When sick, it creates a burden for those around you. waste of time working wasting money on treatment

This story must be met with a heavy body. Most people will start paying attention. This will help reduce severe or chronic illnesses that will follow later. Because preventing health care both during normal times and when the onset of illness is the best way to prevent getting sick.

Sickness is an unpleasant and desirable sight for everyone. Absence of disease is a great fortune. Everyone hopes so. But the practice of most people is the opposite. Especially in terms of taking care of yourself, taking care of your health, so it often causes illnesses to follow. Even if it’s a minor illness, it can be an annoyance or affect a big job. Therefore, basic self-care is important.