Include ways to protect yourself from COVID-19.

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Include ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19.

Recommended articles on how to take care of yourself from the COVID-19 virus for family or have many family members. It is necessary to study all around. Especially families with elderly people. Who lack knowledge and inaccessible to information Until. It may become a risk point. There is an opportunity to bring the COVID germ to spread to people in home without knowing

Being alone Taking care by UFABET of yourself from the COVID-19 flu is easy. Just stay in the room Do not go out, hang out, talk to anyone. Then have a chance to survive and be safe, but living with many people.

Especially people in the provinces or people without knowledge, elderly people, parents, grandparents People.

Who don’t have access to the Internet. If you can’t go in and watch the video in time. Then you won’t know anything. like the author’s mother Will find trouble leaving the house every day, thinking about the disease in Bangkok, how can it come? begin to believe after someone in the province had this disease therefore began to be careful But still think that it’s still far away because being born in another district is very far away from themselves.

Some parents still leave the house stressed out and don’t know what to do. Then go to the house of that relative, some of this person, because everyone assumes that each house has no chance of getting infected. due to not going anywhere But maybe it’s not what you think. like going to the market then some foreigners pass. Which may be infected and unconsciously spread Or some members have to go out to work every day. have the opportunity to get infected and enter the house

Guidelines for taking care of yourself from the COVID-19 virus for family

do not eat together

In this situation, eating food should be a buffet style. Whatever you want to eat, cook it yourself or different people. Each person is responsible for himself, eating and washing his own dishes. reduce eating together using a medium spoon The more chances there will be a risk that person touches the person, this person picks up the person, non-stop transmitting germs. Just put the food in your mouth I’ll pick up a spoon. It’s all messed up like this, it’s definitely not safe, so each person earns their own food. If there are many members, food should be divided among each person properly to prevent choosing to eat only delicious food. of some members

separated from each other’s corner

staying in the house No matter how much you love someone. You have to separate yourself, stay away from each other first, stay away from each other in a worried way. The body doesn’t get more infections. And there is a chance that each person’s body will be able to handle the most germs. and run out as soon as possible Make the family safe if they keep talking to each other, they will spread the infection to each other without stopping the function of the body’s immune system to kill viruses or foreign objects that enter the body will decrease.

Rented alone for people who have to work outside the home.

If there is one member in the house. Who has to go out to work every day should be isolated Going out to rent a house alone. To reduce contact with the rest of the members in the house because it may be bringing germs to spread to people in the house.