Lifestyle of the Gen Y era

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Lifestyle of the Gen Y era

Urban Gen Y are the ones who grew up in an era of massive global economic growth. Use of computers and the Internet began to increase the role exponentially to change people’s living behavior When this group grows up with the growth of the Internet and Social Media. They will definitely be proficient in online technology. They like IT jobs. Like to use creativity, new things and can do many things at the same time. Because their lives are surrounded by smart devices of different sizes and applications that are designed to make life easier.

Gen Y means most of the world’s people born in the 1980s and 1990s

Gen Y is a very powerful group of people. like to think outside the box They have high self-confidence. Therefore, it is not surprising that this group will have the ability to use new innovations especially computer technology and electronic communications This group of people all have the knowledge and skills needed to work in today’s borderless world. 

They are also always self-improving.

1. Life of “Mobile” (Mobile Life)

Many of you readers have probably heard the term “Mobile Life” or “”, which means a lifestyle that does not always have to be stationary, such as working in the office from eight o’clock in the morning. until five o’clock can change to travel and use a mobile phone to coordinate or order work instead Nowadays, 3G and Wifi technology can allow people in this era to have a life that .. moves with .. works with.

2. Culture Screen (Screen Culture)

Another word that has recently become popular among some Gen Y groups is the term “Screen Culture,” which in this case means “screen culture.” For people to spend their work and personal lives on multiple platforms. Devices with monitors include TV screens, computer screens. tablet screen and mobile phone screens, etc. So don’t worry about that. Those involved in various businesses How prosperous will it be?

3. Prefer formatted style retail stores

One habit that Gen Y tends to have is that they do things quickly, and they rush almost everything. With such habits, it will make Gen Y people go shopping. would like to go to modern convenience stores that display simple products and reminds me where it is?

4. “Teaching to…rich” products

As you readers have already known that most people in the Gen Y era are people who like to get rich quickly. Therefore, it is not surprising that seminars, stock books, real estate investment books or other rich teaching books will sell very well In addition, various direct sales businesses It is also considered part of the category of products..teaching to be rich as well.

5. “Fast Track” products

If doing business with Gen Y people, there must be this concept as well, that is, “fast.. fast.. fast..” Therefore, the companies in the market who do business in fast food or express delivery or fast food brands Therefore, it is in the network that there will be a large number of customers in the Gen Y era and will increase even more..according to the increasing purchasing power of people in this era.

6. Like to make yourself look good “Good Looking”

It can be said that people in the Gen Y generation will be much more social than people in the past, and the friends that people in the Gen Y generation will come from, both from friends who meet in everyday life. and friends who meet on social media or who have talked to each other over the internet

People in the Gen Y generation are health lovers. Which will pay special attention to self-care, such as playing sports, going to the gym Buying vitamin supplements, etc. That includes all the measurements. that can be done manually, such as a pressure gauge thermometer, etc.

Nowadays, when people in the Gen Y generation buy IT products. or products. That require discretion in making decisions (Discretionary Goods) such as cars, TVs, etc. Gen Y people will research a huge amount of information from the internet or social media before making a real purchase decision.

With this group of people getting married late, like single life, socializing with friends. as often as needed life of this group Therefore, it must be tied to the city. Or connect to the city 24 hours a day, of course.