JK criticizes his players – Alisson must be fouled

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admit that the team is not patient enough Until having to defeat West Ham 3-2, tell me how Alisson is first goal must have been a foul.

Goals and some situations have to go the other way, let’s talk about the game. First of all they got the goal from a goalkeeper foul. His horns disturbed Alisson ‘s arms. And how will he catch the ball? It doesn’t make sense,” said

Klopp. It is an important part of the body for goalkeepers. People will say I’m making excuses. But I have to be calm, you just want a normal judgment from the referee. But he didn’t get that.”

“We can equalize. and control the game They can only play counter-attacks.”

“In the second half we didn’t play to be clear but over 90 minutes I hope we have a sharper finish, and they did well from counter-attacks. they are quality And a set of two kicks, we have to lose “.

“We lost too much ball. That’s why they countered, at 1-1 we managed them as we wanted. But like we lost a little bit of patience.”

“We tried to score goals but failed. They retreated to deep defense. It’s not easy to score goals. You are forced to fight in the last area. There are little things that decide a few things against us “

,” we are still not enough in the decisive stroke. They didn’t do anything to us, when you try to get the ball into the box with eight or nine of them so we have to do it again and again, we can’t be patient enough.

“We can be 100 per cent better, you can’t always play at your best. You want results But they scored three goals and we didn’t.