Keane said “Man Utd” lost the Man City worse than the game

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Manchester United legend Roy Keane admits the 2-0 defeat by the former club at home to Manchester City was worse than the 5-0 defeat by Liverpool.

On Saturday night. Passing through the “Red Devils”, opened the house of the enemy in the city to invade comfortably Erik Bailly’s own goal and one from Bernardo Silva

were two consecutive home defeats. After a week, it hit an unbeaten Liverpool taught by 5-0

after the game, Keane said: “It feels worse than (against Liverpool) shot before halftime, it means that the game is over,”

“City of the team. Liverpool They’re happy with the ball and they’re just messing around with the man. You (in the second half)”

“It’s terrible. Class differences, quality and decisions. is everything As it is said, adults play with children. United sucks It was unbelievable.”

“Foden that this is a difficult stadium… No, ask Everton, ask Villa, ask Liverpool. They are entertaining

. But what will make you a champion’s performance in the home, “

and then say that. “United is terrible. Fred and McTominay weren’t good enough. City play very comfortable Foden stood there giving an interview. I think after the derby you have to run out. You should be exhausted with no energy.”

“He was standing there talking like he had just finished training,” he said.