Klopp scolded the first goal, a clear foul, the referee was always right.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp considers West Ham United’s first goal a clear foul. Ready to say sarcastically that the referee is always right,

“Weat Ham” became the first team to defeat the “Liverpool” successfully this season. After opening the home defeat with a score of 3-2 last night

, West Ham’s first goal is one of the most widely discussed issues. Many people consider it a foul. While the referee checked VAR and didn’t say anything

, Klopp viewed the situation as a clear foul. But in the end, the judge’s decision is the verdict.

“I think it was a foul on Alison obviously, how could it not be? Ogbonna’s arms were spread out like that. I really don’t know who checked VAR today,” he said during the post-match press conference.

“I always have to say that sometimes the referees can’t see this kind of rhythm. But when you see the nature of the event They all fell at the same time, how close they were, they were almost possessed. How can it not be a foul? Wasn’t Alison’s arm pushing at all?”

“It’s all up to the referee, the referee is always right, I don’t know and not a mark. It’s to thwart the gatekeeper. That’s what they do.”

“For me it was a clear foul. And the goalkeeper is the loneliest person on the pitch in this situation. because there was no one to help him. He was hit and the ball eventually went into the goal. which made him speechless It’s just that.”