“Kroenke” insists he does not consider selling Arsenal

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Arsenal owner Josh Kroenke insists he will not sell the club. Despite the news that people are interested in buying. The Kroenke

family has been talked about by fans in a very bad light. from many things that happened This includes the highly criticized Super League issue last season,

With many Gunners fans urging the owners to let the club go into the right hands. With the news that Daniel Egg, CEO of Spotify, has submitted a

warrant for 1.8 billion pounds to buy the team,

However, Kroenke insists that he does not want to sell the club to anyone. And revealed that they have plans for the future of Arsenal already

. And that shows the strength of Arsenal very well,” he told Sky Sports.

“This is a very special organization, Arsenal Football Club is a global brand. And my only answer to everything is that this club is not for sale. We have only just begun and only actually own the club in 2018. We have a young manager, a young team. And we’ve already laid out the path to the future.”

“In the US we have a model. (Used to manage other organizations of the Kroenke family) and we will use it here. We will do that for three years, which is to focus on young players, players with the right attitude, and allow them to grow together while strengthening the team in every aspect.

With continuity and let them grow together It will give the club a bright future.”