‘Lampard’ was raised as a favorite to win a new coach, turmeric.

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Frank Lampard has been named a contender for Norwich City’s new manager following. The sacking of Daniel Farke on Saturday night.

Arrich earned his first Premier League win of the season with a 2-1 win over Brentford.  But the first-leg win still left the Canary to the bottom of the table with a point equal to Newcastle.

Chelsea have yet to find a win this season. Legislative bookstores have named Lampard as a favorite for Norwich’s new head coach. After he has been unemployed since being sacked as Chelsea

head coach earlier this year. Last year’s departure from Chelsea in January, when the side were ninth in the table, are now a favorite to get a job with Norwich.

In addition to that, Stephen Gerard is the second favorite, along with former Crystal Palace boss

Scott Parker, Roy Hodgson , who is currently in charge of Bournemouth. There is also a chance to win and Lucien Favre, the former boss of Borussia Dortmund, is also on the list.

Farke has been in charge of Norwich for four years. And helped the team get promoted. To the Premier League 2 times, but led the team to win only 6 games in the top league.