Leicester are skeptical of VAR, the rhythm catches offside ‘Lookman’

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Brendan Rodgers doubted VAR’s decision to rule Ademola Lookman offside in the second half of the draw against Leeds United,

despite being led ahead of Leicester. Quickly brought back equalizer from Harvey Barnes’ superb shot,

they had a chance to win the game too with a corner kicked in for Jamie Vardy’s first-post header flick. Lukeman, a distant pole, charges forward. Even so, the referee gave VAR a check before it was decided that the stroke was offside.

However, Rodgers considered that even if the slow shot had a line to show that Lookman’s leg was offside. But he sees that the moment Vardy touches the ball, Lookman still hasn’t overlapped.

“For us it was a show of effort and courage to keep on going, creating great moments but failing to pass in the last space and score goals. The fans will go home with pride

. Unfortunately we didn’t score a goal. We had some good moments going on in good areas.” As

for Lukeman’s shot that was not the goal, Rodgers said: “From what I can see, the line drawing shows he’s overlapped. bit But I think when the ball was touched he was below the ball.”According to a report from ufabet.