“Moyes” Happy Wast Ham showed a good form in the second half

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West Ham manager David Moyes is happy with the team’s victory over Liverpool and thinks they could score more than three goals the other day. 

Just did a great job with the opening home win, the “Reds” 3-2 overtaken to rank 3rd in the table and just three points away from the crowd, Chelsea

“a great victory against the team. very good as well We play in the game on Thursday. It came in and performing with this energy until the end was great from the players as well,” Moyes told Sky Sports after the game.

I think they’ve evolved. I didn’t really like the way we played in the first half so adjusted a little bit and it worked can”

What changed in the second half?

We actually tried to change a little bit in the first half hoping to give ourselves more chance of having more of the ball in truth it did not work as well as we had hoped it would have. But that’s all down to Liverpool and their ability to change. Whatever you do Liverpool will change and they will find space to play and if you’re trying to fill a space they will find another space, and it gives you more problems

I thought the first half we didn’t play that well, but you’ve also got to remember that we’re coming back from a game on Thursday night which you know, in history that competition that would normally have been, not a recipe for a disaster but [tough] I always think that there is a chance that you can get off to a slow start [after Europe]. I’m not necessarily saying we were a slow start. I just think that Liverpool were so good and caused us more problems but we did tweak it at halftime. We alter Pablo’s position a little bit and I thought the boys played really well in the second half and scored good goals and maybe a bit unlucky not to score more. According to a report from ufabet.