Murphy worried that ‘Conte’ was too short to sign a Spur contract.

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Danny Murphy, famous movie guru.  He admits he is worried about Tottenham‘s future after seeing Antonio Conte sign an 18-month contract with the club. Believe that the time is not enough to build the chicken army to come back to compete and challenge the championship again.

I’ve never seen a manager who is bursting with energy like him before, “Murphy said.

” as someone said. His players find it very difficult to live with that intensity, however I don’t think Spurs players have the right to complain. They don’t do very well without him. So they have to accept it. Even if I have to practice the second or third session,

“I don’t doubt Conte. Was appointed to control my former team But on the other hand, it made me confused that Deep down,

What was the manager thinking that he only signed an 18-month contract?

“The contract was relatively short, making me a little worried. Although I can understand why Spurs fans feel good again. But it’s almost impossible. Even if it’s Conte That will allow Spurs to come back to compete with the big names in the Premier League in just one and a half seasons

. Chow will definitely make Spurs better. And he has a very good relationship with Fabio Paratici in the short term, at least Conte can change the atmosphere around the club that used to be toxic.”

“Conte knows how to play. I don’t think he is interested in adapting to the original style of Spurs. He saw it against Vitesse against a 3-4-3 formation, so he may have to decide whether to add midfield or not. But of course he’s lucky to have Emerson Royal and Sergio Reguilon who seem to be better at wing-backs than full-backs.

“The priority is to make the team strong. They conceded too many goals. I would be very surprised if he wasn’t guaranteed reinforcements from Daniel Levy, I think the creative midfielder from the depth needs to be drawn. Spurs haven’t had a player like this since Christian Eriksen.