“Rice” admits not wanting to leave London

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Only one team seemed pleased with the answer, with West Ham United captain Declan Rice admitting he did not want to leave London

, the 23-year-old is widely regarded as one of the Premier League’s best midfielders. By which he is taking “The Hammer” chasing the Champions League quota this season.

His impressive performance made the England international a target for many teams. League clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City are reportedly all in the hopes of a move to reinforce the

squad, but the Blues seem to be the only team that smiles when Rice. I admit I don’t want to leave London.

“I’ve always been here. I want to stay close to this place forever. I don’t want to lose my roots,” he told The Ufabet .

When asked about his past with Chelsea, Rice replied: “Yes, I grew up in a family that supported Chelsea. I think it’s well known. Everyone knows this. It is clearly recorded,

but I feel that when you play for a club like West Ham, you become part of them. And now a part of me, including my family, is a huge West Ham fan.”

Rice has made 171 appearances for West Ham since making his debut in 2017. He still has a contract with the agency until 2024.