Wolves sign FC Porto for €40 million Fabio Silva in 2020.

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Wolves sign FC Porto for €40 million Fabio Silva in 2020. Since 2022, he has moved on loan to 3 clubs. Portuguese star ready to leave Wolves, hoping to join a team in Spain this summer.

Fabio Silva, Portugal’s rising star striker Wolverhampton Wanderers confirm.

They want to leave the team. After he was unsuccessful playing football in England

The 21-year-old striker has made his move to England with an outstanding performance as one of the rising stars of Portuguese football. However, https://ufabet999.app he was unable to cement his place as a starter. and showed good results throughout the first 2 years with the team until he had to move out to work with Anderlecht, PSV and most recently Glasgow Rangers, whose results are still not very good.

“It was no secret that I wanted to leave Wolverhampton. We both agree. Now it’s a matter of finding the best option that we’ll both be happy with. Have already told my agent. I want to play football in Spain. can honestly say that it would be a destination I would love. I like the culture like the football league there. And I think my playing style would fit well there.”

Fabio Silva played in a total of 72 games, scoring a total of 5 goals and 6 assists with the “Wolves” throughout 4 seasons as a player for the team.